Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bend it, Shape it Toy: One Great Party Favor

Here's a situation I often face and I bet you do too. Your kid brings home a goody bag from a birthday party and is excited about the trinkets inside. Fast forward one hour and where are those trinkets from the party favor? In the trash can? Probably.

Last year, my kindergartener's teacher nixed treats for birthdays, but said a small favor for each classmate was okay. And there began my search for a better trinket when my daughter's birthday came around. I had criteria: the favor must cost no more than $1-2/each and must have enough creative or educational value to avoid an early trip to the trash can.

I started searching on my beloved Amazon Prime for options, and discovered a bulk pack of Wikki Stix party favors. The pack of 50 cost around $21, coming out at under $.50 a piece. If you've never played with Wikki Stix, they are fun for all ages and can be shaped into just about anything. And since the packs are so slim, you can keep a few in your purse or the glove box and whip them out when a diversion is needed. These are especially great to use with restless small people in restaurants.

Even better is that Wikki Stix are simply made of yarn covered with food-grade, non-toxic wax and they are produced right here in the USA. Think about these packs the next time you're looking for birthday party favor ideas, small gifts for classmates or just a fun item to have on hand while you're on the go.

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