Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to Reuse Stuff: Bedding Bags

Here in Southern California, a mandatory back-to-school item for each kid is an earthquake kit. Similar emergency kits may be required in other parts of the country where natural disasters can happen. What I've found from packing them over the years is that a standard Ziploc isn't big enough, but the storage plastic bags (the kind you suck the air out of) are ridiculously big, and there isn't really an in-between size.

Then one year I had the bag handy after buying a mattress pad and realized it was the perfect size. Most of those bedding bags, even the ones from large sheet sets, are sturdy and close with a zipper, which make them perfect for school emergency kits or a kit for the trunk of your car.

A zipper-closed bag from a mattress pad is used as the bag for an emergency kit

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  1. We used these to organize items in suitcases too. The fact that they are clear makes it easy, and the plastic keeps things cleaner in case anything spills!