Friday, September 28, 2012

Unique Dress-Up Toy for Girls

Harumika Style Starter Set: Surfer Set 

If you've read my post about Rory's Story Cubes, then you know I'm a fan of games and toys that spark creativity and have endless possibilities. Harumika sets were recommended to me a couple of years ago by a friend  when I was looking for something that my girls, then 7 and 5, could play together. These sets fit the bill and have become a staple for birthday gift-giving.

Each set comes with a miniature (roughly Barbie doll height) dressmaker form, a selection of fabric swatches and a "poker" tool to secure the fabrics to the form and create an outfit. Depending on which set you choose - and there are loads of different sets of varying sizes and costs - you may also have accessories like belts and decals. It's kind of hard to explain how this toy works until you show it. Check it out below:

Other reasons why this toy is so great: a starter set can be had for <$20. It is a totally portable toy, which makes it perfect for when you're on-the-go. It is a toy that promotes sharing and collaboration - my daughters liked to create fashion shows with each other and with play dates. And because there are so many extension sets, you can get a starter set and ask for add-ons from grandparents or friends for birthdays or holidays. Add this to your list of gift ideas!

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